What are Flower Essences?

The desert is a unique environment. Temperatures are extreme and moisture is scanty for months at a time. The plants work hard to adapt. They have evolved to survive, be prepared for rapid growth or enforced conservation. Therefore, their essences are powerful and adaptive.

Flower essences are modern plant alchemy, where co-creating with the nature kingdom, one can turn problems into opportunities, patterns of imbalances into qualities of harmony, handicaps into assets. They offer abilities to change our perceptions of the world by understanding our emotions, the way we process information, our relationship to those around us and the world.

Flower essences work with subtle body energetics, our perceptions and address emotional well-being and mind-body health.

Chaparral Flower Essence

Chaparral essence helps one to release what is unexpressed or held in at a cellular level, promoting a sense of emerging from darkness to bright energy. Things that were once hidden become revealed and truth shines through.

Ocotillo Flower Essence

Ocotillo essence helps one to respond rather than react while feeling protected and guided. It gives insight into and acceptance of emotions without feeling victimized by them.

Rabbitbrush Flower Essence

This essence helps one to hold the big picture while attending to details, aligning one with mental clarity and agility.

Our organic sources include those prepared by the Flower Essence Society.

Flowers As Healers

Flowers offer the opportunity to recognize self-imposed limitations and destructive patterns of behavior. They reduce stress, resolve old traumas and deal with negative reactions.

They are supporting and uplifting and work on healing the emotional and mindset elements of dis-ease. They are the vibrational imprints of flowers, the vital life force of the plants, that have been transferred to a water medium. This charged water is misted onto the blends along with the vortex essences before the teas are bagged.