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Sedona Tea Blends is proud to be sold at select Whole Foods and Natural Grocers locations


Our Vision

Sedona Tea Blends is dedicated to preserving the wildness of nature and bringing awareness to the earth as a living, breathing, sentient being.

Our intent is to offer a synergistic experience that captures the deliciously rich flavors of our organic herbal tea blends, infused with the healing qualities of Sedona’s sacred places of power and her desert flower essences. We envision a renewal of vitality to the body, mind and spirit.

Bell Rock Vortex Essence

The indigenous people recognized this area as the home of Eagle Spirit and the ancient Spirit Keeper here is of hope and strength. By adjusting and expanding intuitive awareness in any situation, this electric vortex allows one the freedom to choose a more enlightened interpretation of reality, showing one resolutions to challenges and new ideas. This essence activates clarity in one’s life path.

Cathedral Rock Vortex Essence

A source of inspiration and wisdom, this magnetic flowing vortex promotes a quality of inner meditative calmness and access to inner levels of knowledge, grounding, strengthening and awakening one’s relationship to the earth element. The Spirit Keeper of the land is one of wisdom, offering an energizing , rejuvenating quality.

Airport Rock Vortex Essence

The Spirit Keeper is one of flight and imagination, offering access to clear reflection and forward thinking. By recharging the physical body and enhancing psychic abilities, a balance of intuition and intellect allows one to find harmony with the spirit of the earth. The corresponding star system is Zeta Reticuli and the 6th chakra is stimulated.