What are Vortices?

Vortices are places found in nature where the earth’s electromagnetic energy is concentrated and are the natural result of quantum forces that govern the formation of the earth’s crust.

The ancients called them sacred places of power where active, flowing, spiraling patterns create a subtle yet powerful healing force. With such a strong earth resonance located within the natural features of the red rocks, one can tune into earth rhythms and realign energy fields.

Bell Rock Vortex Essence

The indigenous people recognized this area as the home of Eagle Spirit and the ancient Spirit Keeper here is of hope and strength. By adjusting and expanding intuitive awareness in any situation, this electric vortex allows one the freedom to choose a more enlightened interpretation of reality, showing one resolutions to challenges and new ideas. This essence activates clarity in one’s life path.

Cathedral Rock Vortex Essence

A source of inspiration and wisdom, this magnetic flowing vortex promotes a quality of inner meditative calmness and access to inner levels of knowledge, grounding, strengthening and awakening one’s relationship to the earth element. The Spirit Keeper of the land is one of wisdom, offering an energizing , rejuvenating quality.

Airport Rock Vortex Essence

The Spirit Keeper is one of flight and imagination, offering access to clear reflection and forward thinking. By recharging the physical body and enhancing psychic abilities, a balance of intuition and intellect allows one to find harmony with the spirit of the earth. The corresponding star system is Zeta Reticuli and the 6th chakra is stimulated.

Where are these Vortices Located?

Sedona is located at the base of the Colorado Plateau below the Mogollon Rim. The Colorado Plateau runs through all of northern Arizona, a large part of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

Geologists tell us this plateau is moving west at a rate of about one inch every ten years towards Sedona. This makes the plateau a monumental wave. The rocks are wave patterns and the formations are the ‘foam’. The Vortices are created as a result of this geological phenomenon.

Where once was water flowing though the canyons of Sedona, it is now only desert. If one can envision water in a stream flowing past a rock jutting up above the water line, one can see a whirlpool or eddy of swirling water next to and down stream from it. We are told the velocity of an eddy is about three times faster than the stream. This residual energy of a monumental wave is still here but in geologic time. Now it is spiraling electromagnetic energy instead of water.

We create ceremony on the vortex epicenters and request participation with the Spirit Keepers of the land. We use water as a medium and that charged water is then misted onto the blends before they are tea bagged. Our ceremony consists of request, intention and gratitude.