Let’s make a cup of herbal tea together. You may want to use distilled or spring water because as you are probably aware the chemicals in tap water can interfere with the flavorful experience of that first sip.

When I was little, my grandmother used to make me a cup of hot ‘Postom’ tea, it was mostly roasted chicory root, but it made me feel like I was having coffee with the adults at the breakfast table. Growing up, every spring, she’d have us drink sassafras tea for a couple weeks. She said that sassafras tea would thin our blood and that thin blood people had fewer diseases than thick blood people. I now understand her wisdom. That piece of herbal folk medicine and many other herbal tidbits that were passed down to me, have long since been scientifically validated.

Traditionally, tea has always been a vital part of a healthy vibrant lifestyle. In this day and age, it’s easy to get off track and bogged down with bad food choices and too much stress. It’s also easy to incorporate health restoring and regenerating herbal tea into your busy day. You probably will not find time but you can create time each day to relax and refresh, it can take as little as 10 minutes scheduled in your day to brew and sip a cup of herbal tea. You can make it a priority.

When I created Sedona Tea Blends, I envisioned a unique line of organic herbal teas but quickly realized that the tea market is already saturated. That really didn’t slow me down, what I have created is a wellness tea for body, mind, and spirit. Tea evolved, a tea that would be more synergistic in action, (a blend of herbs working in harmony) and holographic in nature. Synergy is where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, right?

Each herbal blend is individually tailored to support healthy body functions. Specific vortex energies are added to each blend through earth ceremony on the land, which offers a deep connection to Sedona’s sacred places of power and deeply connects one to the land. This along with desert flower essences, increases the vibratory level of the tea.

Our infused flower essences address the more subtle aspects of imbalance and disharmony. They offer abilities to change our perceptions of our reality by understanding our emotions, the way we process information, our relationship to those around us and the world. They offer the opportunity to recognize self-imposed limitations and destructive patterns of behavior. They reduce stress, resolve old traumas and deal with negative reactions.

The water is now boiling, so which tea should we drink today?

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