Sedona Sunset Blend 16ct Organic Tea Bags


Bold and Balanced

16 non-GMO, oxygen bleached tea bags

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The Vision

This combination of herbs and essences is designed to expand awareness, sharpen the intellect, and clear the mind, finding resolutions for difficult challenges.

The Journey

A short climb from the trail head, one is looking out over all of Sedona, an uninterrupted view of the Crimson Cliffs, hundreds of millions of years in the making. Red iron sandstone is replaced by calcium carbonate limestone cliffs. A famed place for sunsets as the colors on the rocks change with the descending light, taking on hues of mauve, pink, orange and firey red. Colors out of an old postcard, colors with no names. An electrical charge rushes through the body, easy to feel as one aligns to the ancient vibratory rhythms of the land. Just being in this place, one feels close to the source of all things. At least three other vortex formations come into view from here and one can see an invisible spiraling line connecting them across the valley. A deep ravine holds the center of the vortex out in space and one can only hike as close to the edge as they can to feel the fullness of energy. Breathing deep, one feels aligned with this place forever.

Airport Rock Vortex Essence

The Spirit Keeper is one of flight and imagination, offering access to clear reflection and forward thinking. By recharging the physical body and enhancing psychic abilities, a balance of intuition and intellect allows one to find harmony with the spirit of the earth. The corresponding star system is Zeta Reticuli and the 6th chakra is stimulated.

Rabbitbrush Flower Essence

Rabbitbrush Flower

Flower essences work with subtle body energetics, our perceptions and address emotional well-being and mind-body health. This essence helps one to hold the big picture while attending to details, aligning one with mental clarity and agility. Our organic sources include those prepared by the Flower Essence Society.

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