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16 non-GMO, oxygen bleached tea bags

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The Vision

This combination of herbs and essences is designed to activate flows of creative energy, inspire the mind with new ideas and concepts, awaken the deep levels of the psyche and activate intuition. Under Pleaidian influence, 7th, 6th and 5th chakras are activated for deep spiritual transformations and becomes a catalyst for personal growth.

The Journey

There is a back way up the canyon dry wash that is off the beaten trail, a smaller side trail that leads up to Bell Rock. One needs to be careful not to step on the cryptobiotic soils here. These ancient soils are what holds all the plant life in the desert. Stepping lightly and climbing up the old creek bed that is usually dry, one encounters a huge boulder that is split in half when it fell from the distant rock face. Walking through the rock gives one a sense of change in the air. This half mile of area is called a portal. Portals are places that offer a different view of reality. A place of options one normally wouldn’t even be aware of. Given new ideas to present situations can open whole new vistas, like the brain has created new neural synapses where ideas, resolutions and the creative mind kicks in. This is a good place to meditate. The trail winds up the canyon and one finds themself climbing Bell Rock. Smoothed and sculpted by water, this formation takes the shape of a bell. Although the feeling here is an uprush of movement, one feels they are sitting on top of a deep line of bedrock that resonates like a base drum. The higher one goes, the stronger the energy. At the top are finger rocks jutting straight up to the heavens. If the balance is good and legs are strong, one can climb to a couple of smaller ones. The rocks are charged with energy and air is sweet, clean and reverberates with a rhythmic vibration. Each vortex is a journey of self discovery, an access to Gaia’s (earth’s awareness) beauty and mysteries.

View from Bell Rock Vortex

Bell Rock Vortex Essence

The indigenous people recognized this area as the home of Eagle Spirit and the ancient Spirit Keeper here is of hope and strength. By adjusting and expanding intuitive awareness in any situation, this electric vortex allows one the freedom to choose a more enlightened interpretation of reality, showing one resolutions to challenges and new ideas. This essence activates clarity in one’s life path.

Chaparral Flower Essence

Capparal Flowers (Larrea Tridentata)

Flower essences work with subtle body energetics, perception and address emotional well-being and mind-body health. Chaparral essence helps one to release what is unexpressed or held in at a cellular level, promoting a sense of emerging from darkness to bright energy. Things that were once hidden become revealed and truth shines through. Our organic sources include those prepared by the Flower Essence Society.

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